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In this RA+RE Girls series “All About Mom” we wanted to enhance the beauty in being a mother.

Nicole Mcpherson, is as charming as her pictures a sweetheart, a young mother and a Dalmatian lover, a true RA+RE Girl. She appeared on the cover of Hola Ecuador and is a fashion lover/ trendsetter. She was photographed by the 21 years old Alejandra Flo who uses her eyes to talk from someone else’s heart, something we can see represented in these pictures of Nic before she had her child.

Wearing: Livia embroidered top

In what way are you weird?

Nicole – Every way possible. My weird sense of humor runs in my blood.

Ale – I am weird in sooooo many ways, but maybe what stands out the most is my faith in the “law of attraction” as many people call it. I am moved by any theory that involves positivity, humility and thankfulness, of course apart from hard work. And I am sure that everything that I am achieving is because of this. Also my style is very particular, I wear what I like and how I like it more than what is trendy.

Wearing: Livia embroidered top + Ida vest

What was the last outlandish/wild thing you did? – tell us about it.

Nicole – Got engaged and married to my best friend at 22. Some people might think that’s somewhat wild since I am very young. But it was the best decision ever. Now we are having a baby! I’m suuuper excited.

Ale – Going with my best friends around 7 different countries in Europe. All we had was a train ticket and a bag. It was so exciting to arrive to each city having to find a place to sleep, meeting people everyday, getting to know new cultures, languages, etc. Our last destination was Greece, where we discover different islands, chilled, beach, bars and have fun. Being carless and free made me feel wild.

Wearing:  Vera swimsuit

What track makes you dance NO MATTER WHAT, NO MATTER WHERE?

Nicole – OMG, “September” by Earth, Wind and Fire! Not only I call it my bday song (…do you remember,21st night of September) but it puts me in the best mood to dance.

Ale – Stole the show-Kygo is the song I share with my dad and no matter what no matter where we always dance it.

Wearing: Vera swimsuit 

Describe the color pink?

Nicole – Not a pink fan, never have been! But I’d say it’s a cheerful, girly color.

Ale – The first thing that came into my mind when I read this question is BUBBLE GUM! Which I see as mischievous but sweet childhood, fun, youthful, playful and happy.

Wearing:  Vera swimsuit

What is the longest you have gone without sleep?

Nicole – 24h probably, I can’t deal with a lack of sleep so this is probably the longest I can go without my beauty sleep.

Ale – Every time I go to Spain to visit my family and friends I don’t sleep during the flight because of the nerves, and then when I arrive I always go out, so since there are 6 hours of time difference makes me stay up more than 28h, but I’m not sure what’s exactly the longest.

Wearing: Xosar bra

In what way are you a RA+RE girl?

Nicole – I embrace my weirdness.

Ale – Honestly, when I read the definition of what a RA+RE girl is, I felt identified with every single word. It is all about good vibes and feeling confident with who you are.

Wearing: Xosar bra

What is your favorite word?

Nicole – Scheisse. It means shit in German. I think the word is just perfect when want to curse at the wind. (All the time in my case, whoops) It releases all the anger lol I love it. 

Ale – My favorite word with no doubt is “grateful” as I believe that we should feel this way everyday towards life and people around us.