Inés Ybarra is a Spanish art director and photographer, who studied Fine Arts and Media at the University of the Arts, London. According to Vogue Spain and US, Inés is one of Spain’s most stylish ladies around and is very much involved in the up and coming Spanish creative world, and we agree! She was recently selected to be the image for one of the new Chanel Videos that will appear online for Vogue. She was also chosen as one of four photographers to announce La Maison des Carres for HERMES.

Inés is a non-stop machine, constantly collaborating with designers and other creative directors worldwide, such as Berta Bernard, Sybilla, Paloma Wool and now with RA+RE. She is a true creative mind, with a very particular and fascinating eye. Her style is unique and you can see it in every photo and video she directs and creates. She is a modern girl yet at the same time there is something “old soul” about her and her work.

For this RA+RE Girls series, Inés not only was the model for the shoot but she was also the girl behind the lens.

Wearing: Ana Jacket + Rubi pants

What was the last outstanding-wild thing you did – tell us about it.

Inés – Last week I did a road trip with a friend and we literally drove all of Portugal in two days, with no real stops!

Wearing: Ana Jacket + Rubi pants

In a scale from 1 to 10 where do you put your disobedience?

Inés – 8.5, I’m always doing my thing without the concern if others approve it….

Wearing: Ana Jacket + Rubi pants

In what way are you a RA+RE girl?

Inés – I like to dress with good looking accesible Clothe.

Wearing: Ana Jacket + Rubi pants

What is your favorite word?

Inés – Mom.

Wearing:  Julie vest

What track makes you dance NO MATTER WHAT, NO MATTER WHERE?

Inés – Elephant Gun by Beirut

Wearing:  Julie vest

Describe the color pink?

Inés – Deviation of the colour red. Normally, associated with girls.

Wearing:  Julie vest

What is the most unhealthy-disgusting food you cook?

Inés – I had once an egg half fried half raw. I was starving and drunk so thankfully I don’t remember it as a bad experience.

Wearing:  Julie vest

What is the longest you have gone without sleep?

Inés – Pff this last August I had in 3 weeks 14 flights. There where many places that I only stay for one day, do the work and leave. Most of The days I slept from 0 to 4 hours. For me that was putting the minimum energy to my body to survive not sleeping.

Wearing:  Julie vest

What do you have for breakfast?

Inés – Just water or a whole English Breakfast if its late.

Wearing:  Julie vest

In what way are you weird?

Inés – I’m always doing my own thing. I tend not not to follow crowds.