Our third ‘RA+RE GIRLS’ duo come from the other side of the ocean. Please meet Adèle and Louise.

Adèle Levy is a young graphic artist designer. She is passionate about publishing and traveling, has a lot of ambition and two big projects on her plate. One is creating an ephemeral cultural center in Berlin : “Le Lieux Dit” and the second a publishing house: “Mute Twelve”, that creates notebook and books, connected exclusively by hand.

Louise Ernandez is a photographer born in Toulouse, south of France who graduated of “l’Ecole Nationale Superieure des arts décoratifs” (2015). After 10 years of self-taught practice for film photography, she has also developed the skills of its visual language videography; which consists of natural lights and seeking the boundary between reality and abstraction. Nowadays she works in a audiovisual production company “ Eddy” as a film-maker. She continues to develop personal photography and a documentaries.

Wearing: Ana Navy jacket + Maria Yellow top + Rubi Navy pants

In what way are you weird?

Adele – I don’t know if we can use the term “weird” but if there is something weird about me it’s definitely my imagination.

Louise – I look all the time videos of factories manufacturing food or object … like how it’s made frozen pizza or candy gelatin.

Wearing: Margaret Bodice + Melody Pants

In a scale from 1 to 10 where do you put your underground-ness and why?

Adele – I don’t know if we can use the term “weird” but if there is something weird about me it’s definitely my imagination.Adele – 10! I used to repatriate people from the Berghain to come to my party in Berlin. “Just an example”.

Louise – 08. I only need a little bassline (of course a good one) to wake my sheitan up and then, i can’t control it for a long time.

Wearing: Nathalia Dress

What track makes you dance NO MATTER WHAT, NO MATTER WHERE?

Adele – Got To be real – Cheryl Lynn.

Louise – E2 E4 – Manuel Göttsching.

Wearing: Yasmin Coat  

What is the most unhealthy-disgusting food you cook?

Adele – Eggs.

Louise – I don’t.

Wearing: Yasmin Coat  

What is the longest you have gone without sleep?

Adele – 60h (Berlin style).

Louise – Almost 3 days and two nights at Sonar.

Wearing: Nathalia Dress

What is your favorite word?

Adele – Müte.

Louise – Universe.