New York

For this first portrait series of “RA+RE GIRLS” we introduce the duo September Rains and Suzi Sadler.

September Rains is a sweet and down to earth girl from Seattle who started as a model in New York City. She very quickly realized her passion is for film and is now a video editor at Trollback.

Suzi Sadler a Brooklyn based photographer and cinematographer is the girl behind the photo lens. There is this calmness to her personality that transfers through her photographs.

Wearing: Margaret Bodysuit + Richard Beanie

In what way are you weird?

September – As a kid, I grew up in trailers, had a pet tarantula, and dreamed of being an entomologist when I grew up. My mom was a roller skate champion and my dad was a boat captain. I spent my days befriending toads, climbing mountains, and learning survival skills from Johnny, the man who lived in a teepee in our back yard a few months out of the year.

Suzi – I look at the moon a lot. I catch sight of it often and point it out to people.

Wearing: Margaret Bodysuit

In what way are you a RA+RE GIRL?

September – To me the RA+RE brand is about good music, good clothes, and good people. As well as celebrating women for exactly who they are. I’m all about that. Who wouldn’t be?

Suzi – I work in the male dominated photo and film industries. We’re usually pretty scarce, but I love to find power together on set. It used to be that if you were a girl on set, you had to flirt your way into getting the guys to listen to you, but now I see women asserting themselves and not feeling like they have to pander to the boys. I love to feel like ‘one of the guys’ if I have their respect.

Wearing: Margaret Bodysuit + Rubi Camel Pants

What is the longest you have gone without sleep?

September – I love sleeping, so I rarely go without it. However, karaoke is my weakness. I can stay out all night if karaoke is involved. Go to song: Delilah – Tom Jones.

Suzi – 48 hrs – I was at a sleepover during Y2K and stayed up all night waiting for the end of the world with my friend. When it didn’t happen, we just played outside until the sun came up. My mother picked me up later that day and expected me to play in my indoor soccer game that night. She brought me to the arena, trying to guilt me into it, but I felt like a zombie and didn’t end up playing. Since then I haven’t pulled an all-nighter.

Wearing: Monika Sweater

What do you have for breakfast?

September – Cake and champagne.

Suzi – As much food as possible and there’s always a banana.

Wearing: Yasmin Coat  + Ioana Vest 

In a scale from 1 to 10 where do you put your underground-ness and why?

September – I’ve done and seen a lot of outrageous things in New York, and I think the things that are truly underground can only be stumbled upon, not intentionally sought out.

I run around with a great group of weirdos and we usually end up in strange places.

It seems to me, if you’re an open and curious person, New York has a way of leading you down a rabbit hole or two.

Suzi – I’d say I’m an underground 8, no one has heard of me, but I’m pretty cool.

Wearing: Yasmin Coat