New York

The next addition to ‘RA+RE GIRLS’ is Ana Pelucarte and Diana Molina.

Ana Pelucarte is a New York City based entrepreneur with a background in Manufacturing Engineering and a masters in design. About a year and a half ago Ana and Maria Lopez started their own business Pop Up Mob, a full service pop-up agency and incubator on a mission to keep the retail scene on its feet. They aim to help brands connect with consumers by creating an innovative experience to better display the brand’s visions and stories.

Diana Molina , the girl behind the photo and video lens is a Brooklyn based Venezuelan chick with an architecture background, she is a multi talented artist who devotes her time on collaborations and projects she truly believes in and loves.

Wearing: Ana Navy Jacket + Eveline Top + Livia Under Top

In what way are you a RA+RE GIRL?

Ana – I don’t settle, I make my own rules, I play hard and work hard

Diana – I think anyone that works on the creative and uses their own emotions to express any kind of artistic work is a RARE person, it takes courage to give your emotions in the hands of other people, also pushing myself to improve and always thinking there is more to learn.

Wearing: Ana Navy Jacket + Rubi Navy Pants

Describe the color pink…

Ana – Can actually do this in 1 sentence: painful to look at

Diana – Pink for me is a color with a history, I never liked it, thought it was a silly color that made you look silly and too girly, that changed, I like pink now, now i feel pink is a vulnerable non static color that talks of insight with outward shine at the same time. I changed and though that change I accepted my vulnerability and with that my femininity, so for me I had to be sure and proud of them to be able to wear pink. Now I feel silly to have thought of pink as a silly color.

Wearing: Yasmin Coat

In what way are you weird?

Ana – I’m actually super weird, I guess that’s what us creatives are about. I’m OCD but need a dose of messiness every so often, I only own one pair of socks and of PJs and I put honey on my coffee. To name a few…

Diana – aaaaah this one is a hard one, for me all i do is normal, is other people that see it as weird :D. I’ve been told I’m weird as fuck and I can say I’m proud of it like a mamma bear! I change the color of my hair every few months from blue to pink to orange to wherever the mood goes, I’m obsessed with martial arts and anime and take on self imposed challenges like saying the word vagina in public multiple times a day for a year just to break up with the taboo.

Wearing: Ana Navy Jacket + Rubi Navy Pants

What is the most unhealthy-disgusting food you cook?

Ana – Grilled cheese with 5 cheeses and 5 pounds of butter.

Diana – Ooh for sure would be crack pie, grahamy and fatty combined in a the most sugary umami pie there is and if you have never tried it, you should drop whatever it is you are doing and go to the closest momofuku milk bar and get yourself a piece.

Wearing:  Livia Under Top + Rubi Navy Pants

In a scale from 1 to 10 where do you put your underground-ness and why?

Ana – It definitely depends on the day. I’m usually a 6 underground-ness but sometimes it goes up to 9. I definitely never settle for commercial music and that underground-ness is a way for me to get away but I have to make sure I can go all out otherwise I’d rather save it for another night.

Diana – If I rant on with all that comes to my mind when I think about classifying music and thinking what the fuck really is underground then the answer would be way too long and intense, so let’s go with the short and less exciting answer for the sake of the readers, I consider my underground ness to be in a well balanced place and in a fucking ZEN number 5, I honestly don’t care if something is under or not as long as it is dope as fuck! sounds boring right? but I like going to the most pop tune to the other end of the spectrum if I want to.

Wearing: Ana Navy Jacket + Rubi Navy Pants