Liza, is a French photographer, who is behind the objective for this 4th duet for “RA+RE GIRLS”. A young woman amazed by the argentic photos of her dear dad, decided to start being a professional in this field since 2011.

In the beginning Liza was taking pictures of her travels, portraits, tracks of time and mainly capturing the differences between human beings. Today Liza allies her passion for faces, portraits, with her fashion series which we can find on her blog it redraws her work from the beginning to the now.

Liza joins Eléonor for this portrait series. Another “RA+RE GIRL” according to her, French beauty oscillating between cultural studies and modeling with a soft face and with a strong look. Curious and passionate about traveling, she loves to be able to discover new things, new people, everyday and makes her travel trips a priority in her life.

Wearing: Acirne embroidered top

In what way are you weird?

Eléonor – I’m super weird. In my tastes, I’m my reactions, in my contradictions. So weird I couldn’t explain why cause it became normal for me, you should ask my friends Ahah….

Liza – I make bread for dipping bread fingers in my compote.

Wearing: Acirne embroidered top

In a scale from 1 to 10 where do you put your underground-ness and why?

Eléonor – 5 because I can be as much an underground kid partying without limits as I like to be a grandma drinking tea at home.

Liza – 1,2 … last week I was tipsy at 4am.

Wearing: Acirne embroidered top and Vera swimsuit

What track makes you dance NO MATTER WHAT, NO MATTER WHERE?

Eléonor – Mi mujer – Nicolas Jaar

Liza – When I listen Rollin ‘& Scratchin’ Daft Punk.

Wearing: Vera swimsuit 

Describe the color pink?

Eléonor – As Edith Piaf said, “je vois la vie en rose”, so pink is the color for happiness and love.

Liza – 70% magenta and 30% white.

Wearing: Heidi baby blue crop top + Lola wrap skirt

What is the longest you have gone without sleep?

Eléonor – 24h probably, I can’t deal with a lack of sleep so this is probably the longest I can go without my beauty sleep.

Liza – One week.

Wearing: Heidi baby blue crop top + Lola wrap skirt

In what way are you a RA+RE girl?

Eléonor – I’m a RA+RE girl because we’re all unique and rare and so I am…

Liza – I am genuine. No filters, no WATER, no effects … that the master!

Wearing: Heidi baby blue crop top + Lola wrap skirt

What is your favorite word?

Eléonor – Pigglet.

Liza – Putain.

Wearing: Acirne embroidered top

What scares you the most?

Eléonor – Death.

Liza – The Tower of Terror at Disney.