New York

Our newest amazing empowering women of the month are the duo Mayssam Mouzannar and Pinelopi Gerasimou.

Mayssam is a producer/DJ with an amazing musical background. For over 6 years this Lebanese-born Montrealer and RA+RE babe has consistently delivered a unique, minimal sound, which can be described as a cross between the different ends of the house and techno spectrums. This sound is a treat for the ears and moves of any girl out there. She is a tech lady in all aspects who knows how to manage her time, and balance work with pleasure, in the perfect measure. In her early 20s Mayssam accomplished much, both professionally and in the music world, playing at Montreal’s top clubs and festivals, including Stereo, Piknic Electronik, AIM & Igloofest. Internationally, she has played at The Garten & B018 in Beirut, SXMusic Festival, Okeechobee Festival, Treehouse in Miami, SheiknBeik in Colombia and many more.

Mayssam was shot through the eye of Pinelopi Gerasimou, an Athenian native who climbs every corner to get the perfect shot. We were lucky enough to watch this lady in action, not only for this photoshoot, but also as Resolute’s latest photographer. It was a treat to see this girl go, never missing an angle, climbing every speaker, pole, and whatever else she could find to take the perfect shot! Pinelopi studied photography at Akto Art & Design College, afterwards exploring her entertainment photography skills by working with the band “Pix Lax” on their worldwide tour. Since then she has collaborated with websites and magazines such as the NY Times, The Washington Post, Vice, as well as with different venus and music festivals such as Plissken and Ejejt Festival. She is definetly a girl to look out for on the rise to great success.

Wearing: Hellen backless jumpsuit

What do you like the most in techno music?

Mayssam – The way it makes you feel. The experience, musical and communal.

Pinelopi – The fact that I can be completely aline and dance on my own.

Wearing: Hellen backless jumpsuit

What was the best party you ever went to?

Mayssam – Stereo, Montreal.

Pinelopi – It was in the summertime in a loft in Athens, surrounded only by friends and the sun.

Wearing: Hellen backless jumpsuit

What’s your favorite word?

Mayssam – mmmmm

Pinelopi – Facetious

Wearing: Margaret backless bodysuit

What track makes you dance NO MATTER WHAT, NO MATTER WHERE?

Mayssam – So sexy – DJ Pippi

Pinelopi – Grey Skies – Tortoise Days

Wearing: Margaret backless bodysuit

What is the longest you have gone without sleep?

Mayssam – 3 days

Pinelopi – 3 days

Wearing: Alexandra short dress

What do you cary in your bag to a party?

Mayssam – Always a USB, you never know.

Pinelopi – My chapstick, small camera, mobile, keys.

Wearing: Ethel backless jumper

Describe the color pink?

Mayssam – Flamingo

Pinelopi – Pink is white, washed with some red.